04 February 2013

Bits + Pieces

Sunday after church we took Grandma to breakfast at the tiniest diner. 
It was so good until Ollie hit his wall (of tiredness) and melted to pieces.

So far the Life Factory bottles are rocking our world. No leaks.
Pretty soon it's goodbye snowflakes and hello hearts.

Bleu sat down to write and illustrate her own book for Grandma DJ.

Apparently it's about cats: "This cat went to his friend's house."

Nobody uses the crayon jar like Miss Bleu. Drawing is a constant for her.

Wire book bins and an old corkscrew that My Sweets found.

Who else thinks this looks like Ollie with blue eyes? It's Buby at 2 yrs, 10 months.

Saying goodbye to Grandma DJ, who stayed with us from Thursday through Sunday.

Bleu loves to ride her pink unicorn (currently dubbed) "Marie Pepper."   

I am still waiting to hear "Brown-Eyed Girl" on this ole guitar.
Buby's self portrait from 2012. I can't wait to bring home the 2013 version.

Jenny + Tom sitting in a tree. K-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes love.

The good-luck duck that my friend Nicole purged from her Chelsea apt nine years ago.
Aluminum foil heart from me to My Sweets on our 10th annivesary. The "tin" gift.

My family of five from Ghana.

I gave each kiddo one of these EOS lip balms, and Ollie carries his everywhere. 

Our beloved dancing rings from Blueberry Mountain.

Grandma went home with a pile of artwork from Bleu (left) and Ollie Bear (right). 

Our first official valentine arrived in the mail. Ana Maria to Miss Bleu.

When I do laundry Bleu takes the time to mismatch every pair of her socks :)

We often refer to Buby's push-pin map of the United States.

 Beep beep.

Work mats for the littles. Ollie is already learning to roll his up, Montessori style.

Ollie goes behind the guitar when he wants to poop in private. Because we can't see him at all. 

Buby is back on his Rainbow Magic kick. 
This weekend he read all 14 titles he borrowed from his friend Grace.

My girl's collection of fake flowers cheers up the playroom on wintry days.

Ollie's train tracks.  

Buby asked Grandma DJ to make him a crossword puzzle, so she did.
I did laundry and realized my wardrobe is entirely grays and stripes... or gray stripes.

Since our dog Jazzy passed away... it's just these pets for cuddling.

Our seven year old is getting ridiculously skilled at chess. 
He has this old wooden set, a marble set from Mexico, and the iPad game.


I accompanied Bleu's class to the Bardavon Opera House on Friday for a performance of "The Ugly Duckling."

Monthly CSA pickup on Friday. We scored raspberries (yes!) because the farm ran out of fresh greens.

Trying out a recipe for homemade kale chips on Sunday night.
Everyone got in on the salad-spinner action. We each took a handful of turns. FUN!


All photos taken between Friday and Sunday. 
Not pictured: Wine Club at Sara + Daymien's on Saturday. That's another post. 

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