22 January 2013

Out with Ollie



Ollie is SO cute! We ran a couple of quick errands today, and he turned it into an adventure. First stop was the natural-foods store to buy these glass water bottles for Buby and Bleu. Every brand I've purchased to date (Camelbak, Klean Kanteen, Crocodile Creek, Thermos) has leaked miserably in their lunch boxes and book bags. I've heard good things about Life Factory, so fingers crossed.  

Ollie filled our cart with carrots, bananas, a Gala apple, organic dates, Munchies (broccoli/kale/cheddar flavor), and his fave pouches (broccoli and spinach flavors). I added a bottle of Elderberry, a wee bag of dark chocolate-covered almonds from the bulk bin, and Cherrybrook Kitchens yellow cake mix. (I could make a cake myself, but I'm curious to taste this. It's gluten, wheat, peanut, dairy, nut, and egg free.) I bought the matching chocolate frosting mix, too.

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Grandma DJ said...

He can go shopping with me any day!! Love you forever