18 January 2013

Bits + Pieces

Bleu whisper-sings the sweetest good night song to her new miYim doll.

Buby goes bowling with friends Phoenix and Indigo. He scores a 71 and a 69, with bumpers.
He realizes he came in last place but -- for the first time ever -- doesn't really mind

 Ollie wonders where "Gamma" is going to sleep now. (I rearranged the playroom a bit.)

Buby made us this AWEsome card and then filled the pocket with gold coins (aka "treshr").

 While Buby was having his "best day ever" at Academics Club, 
I surprised the others with a trek down to the bakery.

This is the day Ollie started climbing into his booster seat all by himself. 

Buby and his pal Jonas after school. They used this book as inspiration to mix their own dragon potion. 
Then they headed outside in the rain to brainstorm a snow cave suitable to hold it for 72 hours.
Ollie helped me take down the last of our outdoor decorations. Sniff!

 The whole family tagged along on errands last weekend
 Bleu bought a tutu-style skirt that she saw in the window here
and a used copy of Black Beauty on DVD for $3.

Buby read a ton of these Rainbow Magic books (like seven of them in two days) 
 and then made stick puppets for a show. Love the Gavin fairy. 

Randi didn't have any thumbprints left, so I (reluctantly) offered Bleu a mini cupcake. 
She says it was veeery yummy and fresh, and luckily Ollie didn't notice the difference.
He was just so happy to have a plain snickerdoodle.

I love when My Sweets works from home. He's been doing it more and more.
On those days we try to order egg sandwiches on toasted ciabetta from Brian's cafe.

At 1:32 PM I am tip-toeing out of Ollie's room to get a few things done.  

Buby couldn't wait to go over the "Tutu Pink" walls in his new room with a light mint paint.

 This is Buby's bedside chair.  
Every single night he throws the big seat cushion on the floor and j-u-m-p-s!

Cubebot is a new addition to our playroom. He is fantastic.

Bleu has been sounding out her friends' names 
with the Movable Alphabet from my mom.

All photos from my iPhone. 

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Love looking at all these pics!! Love you forever