16 November 2012

Masquerade Ball


Estate. Dark night. Champagne. iTunes. Red lipstick. Seventeen-year-old velvet. Black tie. Zebra stripes and mirrors. School fundraiser. Intrigue. Grapes. Classical guitar. Local brew. Silent art auction. Food. Candles. Giggling. DJ. Dancing. Moscato. Cupcakes. "Amaryllis at Winter Solstice." Floating lanterns. Friends. Beauty. Romance. Amazingly cozy comforter. Morning. No heat. Lake view. Cold water. Hot water. No water. Fresh air. Fallen trees. Walt Whitman. Bagel bliss. Field spins. Old Hollywood dive with Sara + Daymien. Eggs over easy. Strawberry shake. Hugs. Home.        

1 comment:

Grandma DJ said...

you two looked awesome .. great mini getaway for you .. perfect memories made!! love you forever