13 November 2012

Bits + Pieces

Baby boy looooves driving by this "tractor" on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Be still my heart.

Dinner at my new favorite pizza shop along the Hudson.

Ollie thoroughly enjoyed a man date at friend Ben's house.

The prettiest display of autumn color I've seen in a while.

How I set a birthday table in 5 minutes with stuff I already have.

 Floor covering of choice: Wooden train tracks.

Our tree-lined streets the morning after a wind storm.

Fun gourd decorating at Sara + Daymien's HarvestWeen party.

Ollie fully participated in Bleu's class trip to the pumpkin patch.


A regular roadside stop to say hello!

Horse whisperer.

Huge trees ripped from the earth during Sandy. 

The colors and textures in nature take my breath away.

Two of Buby's friends during a class trip to the mountains.

His first of many hand-me-down Carhardts.

 Favorite things: Scrabble with my 2nd grader.
30-year-old score cards with Tom's name on them.
Drawing seven letters and having six of them be vowels.

A beautiful discovery while searching for a lost rocket.

Our latest rocket launch.

Buby the master rocket launcher.

My guys built this one together.

 Ollie Bear on his 2nd birthday. He bought this dog and named her "Jazzy."

Rocket launcher assistant extraordinaire.

Blue skies and the graceful trees next door.

More sleeping baby looooove.

 Buby's idea during the power outage: Build a "Hopper House" from scratch.

My Sweets made me two wreaths from grapevine in our garden.

 Saturday morning.

Five nights and six days with Grandma DJ.

 There's a funny story about this artwork.

Imagine his delight when I introduced him to T-ball.

Saturday she rode a 12" without training wheels for the first time... in the driveway.
 Sunday she rode a 16" without training wheels for the first time.. around the neighborhood.

Seriously?? He's too cute when he naps!

The boys use umbrellas. The girls do not.

Our three cherry blossoms dropping their leaves :-(

First thing I made when we lost power: Bruschetta on the grill.

A pretty hike in the forest.

Ollie is so happy at the play ground. Must go more.

Buby lost his 5th baby tooth... first on top.
The next one over is hanging by a thread, and we ALL want to pull it :)

Bleu had a wonderful experience cooking with my friend Ann recently.
She's been really interested in cooking ever since.

Tuesday morning gym class totally wears him out. Can you tell?

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Grandma DJ said...

Love all the pics!! Love you forever