13 September 2012

Party Like a Pirate (Details)

The same Starbucks frapp glasses I used for Bleu's strawberry-themed party last Spring, but I made them look pirate-y with patterned paper from Michael's and the skull + bones stickers from our eye patches.

Eye patches, skull + bones necklaces, hairy moustaches, and tattoos for all.

Stand-up wooden pirate men to color/craft. The kiddos were too busy running to pay any attention.

A large glass cylinder filled with Bosc pears and Gala apples.

I stock up on basic colorful frames for my children's artwork, and I use them for party menus as well.

My homemade granola and toppings bar. The kiddos were too busy running to pay any attention :)

I decorated five tables under the river pavilion, each in a different combo of black, white, red, burlap.

Buby unearthed this big glass prism in a golden treasure box hidden in the creek bed.

I'm a fan of the whole Spritz line (available at Target), but these napkins were the only pieces I chose to use.

A jug of plain water and a pitcher of water and frozen raspberries. Guess which one all the boys wanted.

Twelve bandannas in three designs and a chunky skull + bones ribbon that I sort of love.

A sweet rendition of Caption Hook, courtesy of Buby.

Brown paper covered oatmeal canister telescopes (Buby's invention) and the ridiculously yummy chocolate treasure-map cake by Randy and Josh at our village bake shop. They rock!

Not shown in this post: The golden treasure box I made and filled for Buby; the wooden pirate ship he painted; these inflatable swords; the personalized treasure hunt bags; my gluten-free fudge brownies with pirate flag picks; and the two chalkboard jars I found ($6.99 at Christmas Tree Shops) and filled with nugget pretzels and Pirate's Booty. Those were the surprise hit of the party!

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