13 September 2012

Party Like a Pirate (Mateys)

The kids were in and out of costume throughout the party. It was hilarious!

A fine pirate, if I do say so myself.

Buby's school buddies. Can you tell they've all played -- fully clothed -- in this river before?

Bleu has proven that she can hold her own in a group of 7 and 8 year old boys.

Two of Buby's fave people in the world, Miss Grace and Mr. Jonas!

Tattoos, please.

Two things I never like: Swords and pinatas. I allowed both on Sunday because 1) I found inflatable swords on Amazon (impossible to get hurt!) and 2) My Sweets brought home an adorable pinata with polka dots... and I figured 2nd graders could do a few chocolate almond nuggets wrapped in gold.

Impressive aim with only one eye!

B's inner pirate came out full force :)

Grace recently lost her front (baby) tooth, which fit the theme perfectly!

Love his sweet smile. I could tell how proud he felt inside as everyone sung to him.

Mr. Benjamin is always so good.

Running wild in the woods, river and creek. I'm convinced now that seven is the best age!

Buddies since preschool.

Using oatmeal-canister telescopes (Buby's invention!) to find real treasure in the creek.

Treasure!!! After the party Buby and his girls discovered a wooden box covered in gold dust and filled with a huge gem, real gold, and actual money from all over the world.

We didn't plan an official "gift opening" but Buby's pals were so pumped they lined up to present their handmade cards and other pirate booty.

Believe it or not he's never really played with Lego. But since this party on Sunday he's majorly into it.

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Grandma DJ said...

What an awesome party!! Look great as pirate Buby!! Legos are a definite for the builder!! Love you forever