10 August 2012

Bits + Pieces

We packed tight -- but not light -- for this last road trip. Three vehicles, three littles, one dog, sporting gear, fishing gear, camping gear, golfing gear, wedding gear, extra shoes, and three suitcases for five people for two weeks.

Two visits to Grandpa's farm, and it was beautiful.

Date night. My Sweets surprised me with a pit stop at a racing track. We had the whole place to ourselves, and I kicked his butt! In a fancy dress and heals (plus yoga pants since we were traveling on the Harley). Best steak of my life at Richardson's Canal House. Birthday champagne and shortcake for Mark followed by drinks with Mike and Melissa.

$20 worth of carousel rides during a family reunion at Charlotte. Cousins are THE BEST!

More fun (and fighting) over that green alligator at Grandma's. I love my mom, and spending time with my God Mother Kathy last week was awesome. She's one of the sweetest people I know. The bike gets a hose down on DJ's patio.

My Sweets shopping at Hickey Freeman. There's so much for Ollie to get into around the farm. The dirt bike, tractor, four wheeler and piano are his very faves. To the junior go-kart track for Buby and Bleu.

Buby the scooter. Grandpa's yard. The view from Margie's beachfront pub (aka "rum runner incident of 2012"). I keep going darker.

Jumping, golfing and batting at Wickham Farms. Bleu asking T.G. to please jump with her (after I hurt my hamstring) was super cute. Watching the big boys hit 70 mph was scary! Ollie wins the award for patience... he so wanted in on the action.

Grandma's big tree is perfect for hide and seek. A fool at the driving range. Craving baby lettuces.

Ollie calls all of his motorcycles "Daddy." Nice bridal party: Meghan, Emilie, Liz, Val, Becky, Mariah.

Buby and I had a fun double date with Nicole and Nick (and baby MJ) at Tully's in Batavia. Ollie in the hallway outside our bedroom at Grandma DJ's. I still like me some sleeping baby photos! And I still tip-toe out at nap time.

Bleu to "babysits" Ollie while I shower (with the door open). Cookie shop in the morning and guitar play in the afternoon. Happiness.

Discovering a hidden gem right in our own side yard.

I get stuck in this Tapan Zee Bridge traffic every time Buby and Ollie go to the drs. Fantastic flyer. Ollie can hardly wait for a batting helmet of his own.

And cleats. He'd love a pair of big blue cleats. Yesterday Bleu told Buby he was the "bestest brother in the whole universe." I hope this continues. Homemade lemonade popsicles from the Zoku recipe book. Wish I could keep Ollie off those old backless stools. Danger does not phase him.

* These are all of my iPhone/Instagram pics from the last few weeks. Next up... 12 zillion real photos from my new 60D.

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Grandma DJ said...

Life is a wonderful adventure!! Love you forever