04 June 2012

We Are Back!

We didn't actually go anywhere, but I haven't cracked open my MacBook Pro to update the blog in a couple of weeks because it was totally full. I couldn't perform basic functions or upload a single photo, so My Sweets hooked me up with yet another external hard drive. Now I'm in the slooooow process of cleaning out, backing up and getting our tech life more organized. I say slooooow because I don't understand all of it, and I usually tackle these things after 10pm
when my brain is at half mast.

I won't worry about recapping details at this point, but I do want to get a bunch of photos up for scrapbook sake. We've had a steady flow of mini adventures lately, including Ollie's very first haircut on Thursday (yes, he kept his curls!), so stay tuned.

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