04 June 2012

Aja's Party in the Park

Our little friend Aja celebrated her 3rd birthday with an impromptu party in the park. I'm impressed her mama pulled it off so quickly... with a yummy lunch, cute decor, clever favors, and the most delish lemon cupcakes I've had (made by the birthday girl's GRANDPA!) We all had a great time.

Charles, Ava, Ella and Bleu are the original brat pack.

Throw in a little Buby and you've got a blockbuster.

There's almost three years between these two lads but they play so well.

Bleu was whispering, "I believe in fairies. I believe in fairies" in her British accent.

It was HOT! Turns out Bleu's two-sizes-too big-tie-dye-dress was a smart choice. Ollie and I melted.

Ava the fashionista; baby Leo in the belly, Jack as Joel Goodsen; the bashful bday girl and her grandma.

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