09 May 2012

The Wasabi Incident

One night last week Bleu stated (out of the blue) that she wanted sushi for dinner. I didn't think she'd ever tried sushi -- I don't eat it myself -- but okay. We walked down the street to pick up some California rolls and veggie lo mein. (Note: I don't normally order Chinese for the kids, but this was a worthy food experiment.)

When Buby saw the avocado on Bleu's plate he got super excited. Our children eat avocado with a vengeance! He asked and I said go for it. That's when he unknowingly scooped a huge amount of wasabi into his mouth.

You can imagine his face as it burned like wild fire from his nasal passages to his throat. Poor kid. His reaction was so alarming that Bleu wouldn't even touch the plate after that. I realized what he'd done and explained that the wasabi was right next to the avocado, and that it's not meant for eating straight up in spoonfuls :) It's a condiment. Buby gulped two large glasses of milk and quickly declared, "If I never see sushi again it will be too soon!" I tried to convince him it wasn't the sushi's fault, but my words fell on deaf ears.

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Grandma DJ said...

Poor Buby!! Love you forever