09 May 2012

Nail Polish + Note Signing

Bleu has never had colorful fingernails. Toes yes, but there's just something about painted fingers that screams TEENAGER to me. I'm a plain Jane who tends to think things like earrings, makeup and fancy nails can wait. Bleu never minded anyway. Having Grandma or I paint her toes was always a treat.

Last week Bleu's best girlfriend Ella gifted her purple nail polish for her birthday, one just like the purple her grandma had just put on her fingernails. That's when Bleu asked me so sweetly to remind her WHY it is we can't do fingers. Honestly I couldn't think of a good enough reason, so I officially lifted my ban.

Here she is signing a little stack of thank you cards while the nails dry.

1 comment:

Grandma DJ said...

Ooh lala!! Pretty!! Love you forever