20 April 2012

Thursday Special

These two scheme all morning at preschool and then walk out at 11:30 holding hands -- looking so cute --- asking PRETTY PLEEEASE will we take them to the deli, the park, the cookie shop, wherever. They just want to be together. They don't care if they are tired or verging on fussy. They want to continue on, and it's so tempting for them as everything is our village is a hop or skip away from the school house.

Once they had their hearts so set on going next door for French toast that when us mamas said NOT TODAY GIRLS they both cried all the way home. Wasn't expecting that. Bleu almost never cries. So now we talk about making plans in advance, checking with us first.

We've been saying YES to lunch dates once a week, and usually there is time after to mosey down to the bakery or the park or both. {These ladies love themselves a good baby swing!} Since the outings have been falling on Thursdays, Bleu now calls Thursday her FAVORITEST DAY OF THE WEEK.

Ella and Bleu traded for one night: Her brown horse named Degas and Bleu's red rose ring.

Happy girl.

Sprinkle vs chocolate chip. Biggest decision every made over $.50.

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Grandma DJ said...

Cute .. Love you forever