22 April 2012

Sabotaging Nap Time

Playing independently has never been Bleu's strong suit. She wants to be with me -- wherever I am -- all the time. It's not that she's afraid of playing alone, or that I haven't provided her plenty of opportunities to do so. She'd just rather be my sidekick, even when that means changing loads in the wash or cleaning sticky fingerprints off windows. She was born with a strong gravitational pull toward me.

This is only really a problem during baby's nap time. Bleu understands that Ollie still needs to rest during the day, but she doesn't always respect it. {She gave up napping herself at 16 months!} Since we don't ever cry-it-out in this house, putting Ollie down takes a little bit of time. I will set Bleu up with a project, books, a puzzle, or a short DVD if her big brother isn't around to keep her company; and still there are days she can't help herself but bust into the nursery and sabotage my routine.

Photos taken with my Droid.

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Grandma DJ said...

That's a tough one .. Love you forever