14 April 2012

Opening Day

Today was Opening Day of Little League Baseball. Buby lined up to march with his team at 9 a.m. He looked so handsome--and surprisingly grown up--in his #63 jersey.

We live in an area where everyone (everyone!!) is a New York Yankees fan. My family especially. So rooting for the Boston Redsox in any form feels a bit strange. It's an adjustment for some kids/parents on Buby's team, because if you ONLY know two things about baseball it's that (1) the Yanks are good and (2) the Redsox are bad. Boston is the team we all love to hate. Rivalries are what they are.

Coach picked a name out of a hat back in March. It could have been any name (Angels, Chiefs, Rockies, Twins, White Socks, etc.), but it was the Redsox. This morning was the first time we saw our 1st and 2nd graders in uniform and man were they cute. Suddenly names meant nothing. We all beamed with pride. Go Red Socks!

Though I had to laugh a few times. One of the parents commented that he almost bought a Boston hat at the sporting goods store yesterday to wear in the parade. Almost. He just couldn't bring himself to do it. Also, while marching there was an Angels team behind us shouting
"Let's Go An-gels, Let's Go!!" They sounded awesome and loud. Our kids weren't chanting anything, so the dad next to me took a big deep breath--like the kind you take when you're about to jump off a cliff into the ocean--and then cheered, "C'mon! Let's Go Redsox, Let's Go!" I smiled and he looked at me and said, "Never thought I'd hear those words roll off my tongue." :-)

Today at 3 pm Buby had his first ever baseball game. Against the Yankees, of course. That post is next.

P.S. Yes, I just realize I spelled Redsox wrong in the initial post. I typed it in a delirious state.

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Grandma DJ said...

What a great day!! So happy I was able to be with Buby and family for first parade and first game!! A smile in my soul!! Love you forever