14 April 2012

Little Black Dress, Part II

I tried on a few more black dresses last Saturday. Just for fun. This pick-your-own-bridesmaid-attire is harder than I thought. I brought My Sweets along this time and then we went out for authentic Mexican. Yum!

He voted for the dress below. The shape-hugging one, of course. I voted for the first dress in this post {which I swear looks less strange in person! They all do.}. So we bought both.
What style do you like? Did you know Vera Wang has a line available at David's now? Dresses #3 and #6 above are Vera.

1 comment:

Grandma DJ said...

Hubby knows best !! Although Buby did choose the same one!! Both look good but hubby's choice is wow !! Love you forever