29 March 2012

Bleu Gets Snap Happy

Any of our littles would jump at the opportunity to play with my phone, probably because I don't let them touch it very often. I use it as my watch, alarm {five times a day!}, and lifeline to the outside world. On it I exchange notes with My Sweets, look up things, and get my evening New York Times fix. Right now I use the Droid Incredible by Google, and I keep it pretty clear of games and apps. Nothing against apps, but I save those for the iPad.

Yet the wee ones are fascinated by phone technology and eager to perform the simplest tasks. Bear likes to steal it and dial my mom by clicking on her photo icon. Then he walks around the room drooling on her face and won't give me the phone back. Buby races upstairs to "dismiss" or "snooze" my alarms when they go off. That's actually a great help. Occasionally Bleu gets snap happy with the camera function, like this afternoon while Ollie and I rolled around on the playroom floor.

1 comment:

Grandma DJ said...

Another photo bug!! Love you forever