28 March 2012


As fate would have it our children are all equally spaced, exactly 2 1/2 years apart. First came Buby, 31 months later Bleu, and 30 months after that Bear. Fall-spring-fall. Boy-girl-boy. It was never planned that way, but I sure do love how it all went down.

I assumed at this point the two brothers would have the tightest bond {both being boys--I know that sounds horribly sexist}. Or even perhaps Buby and Bleu since they have had each other's backs the longest. Right? It is like the play date that never ends around here. Our first and second are polar opposites in personality but work hard at getting along. They've turned negotiation into a science, and I am proud of them for that.

But to my surprise it's Bleu girl and Ollie Bear who are most inseparable. They communicate, comfort, share, and laugh well. Pretty much ALWAYS. They look for each other in a crowded room. They don't stop looking until they are together again. They just connect naturally and have an eerily similar sense of humor and {I dare say} temperament.

Bear brings out the cool and calm in Bleu {who can otherwise be quite dramatic}, and Bleu carries over her strong nurture instinct to guide her little brother. It'll be fun to see how/if all this changes as they grow older.

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Grandma DJ said...

Amazing little people!! Love you forever