04 March 2012

Bits + Pieces

My Sweets had his last follow-up shot from the Africa trip. After, he invited Bear and I to a cafe near the train. I'd had my toast and coffee, so of course I went for a hot cocoa and linzer tart at 9 a.m.

My little man showing off the scarf he made in art class. I'll post a closeup.

Buby set out forts and food for the gnomes, just in case.

We decorated the mini tree for St. Patrick's Day. Note: Must make more green ornaments.

Bleu was exhausted on Thursday afternoon. She napped for several hours right after I took this photo!

Bleu and I celebrated her friend Serafina's 4th birthday at the music studio.

Buby was mesmerized with this reflection of light in church. As the service ended he whispered,
"Mommy, Can you please take a photo of that for me?"

We dined at one of our favorite brick oven places and ordered peach and pineapple sorbet served inside a frozen peach and pineapple. YUM.

Watching the older two eat afternoon snack on the spinning wheel. No fair!

Bear spent some time in the baby swing. He's still unsure if he likes it.

He naps so well on weekends.

Bleu and Bear in the nursery watching for snow on Wednesday morning.

Bear took up the sport of couch climbing {ah-hem}, so I pushed all furniture to the perimeter for now.

Buby, Bleu and I played tennis at the village courts and then rode our scooters home.

I brought home muffins for a "taste test." I do it every couple of weeks... the kids go wild.

Bleu chewed Glee gum and raw almonds and experimented with fashion :-(


Grandma DJ said...

love the pics .. full of love .. love you forever

Mama Smith said...

What wonderful pictures. On road trips I like to stop at every funny tourist attraction but my husband fights me. We got to see the world's largest truck but missed the largest crab :)