03 March 2012

Way to My Heart

And My Sweets knows it. Look what he brought home today.

-Chocolate-covered linzer tart
-Cake bombs {carrot, raspberry, red velvet, chocolate}
-Raspberry pocket
-Strawberry cream puff
-Mango swirl cheesecake
-Chocolate mousse fudge brownie

Three weeks ago we discovered that a local cake baker also makes her own chocolate and pastries. Fresh! We stopped in for truffles, cherries and cake bombs {think cake pops without the sticks}. It was not an inexpensive errand. Two weeks ago we popped in for a raspberry-swirl cheesecake and the best brownie I ever did taste. This afternoon My Sweets walked in, and the owner's daughter laughed. "So she's got you hooked, too, huh?"

P.S. Happy 34th Birthday to my brother-in-law Mike. We love you, man!

1 comment:

Grandma DJ said...

oh .. i just got a toothache and a sttomachache!!! love you forever