14 March 2012

Sewing Club

My oldest loves painting, sketching, pottery, crafts, and pretty much anything else suggested by one of his three art teachers. He takes two very different art classes during school each week and just finished a really fantastic 8-week color course at the local gallery and museum with his friend Jonas.

Recently Buby decided to add sewing to his skill set, so he and best buddy Grace joined Ms. Jenna's Sewing + Craft Club which meets at his school every Wednesday from 3:30-4:30. So far it's a huge hit! He made a stuffed crocodile by hand on the first day {can't wait to see}, and I heard they were breaking out the sewing machine tonight.

1 comment:

Grandma DJ said...

This one belongs in modeling!! Beautiful !! Going to get you to help your momma with buttons and holes!! Can't wait to see finished projects!! Love you forever