13 March 2012

75 Degrees

It's been so warm in New York. Today was a dreamy 75 degrees, and it's only the second week of March! The kids think we went straight from fall 2011 to summer 2012 with no winter and spring in between.

After school we snacked alfresco, rode our scooters around town, played some b-ball, and enjoyed what was left of our old bubble wands. Bear sat on a trike for the first time, Buby wanted to plant his garden, and Bleu kept asking if I could carry the outdoor furniture down from the garage attic. It's hard to convince them they are getting ahead of themselves {even though they are!}, because it really has been a long stretch of extremely nice weather. I don't ever recall a winter that was this mild.

All season long I reminded the children that we could get hit with a massive snowstorm at any moment. We do every year. The prospect keeps them on their toes. They loved dreaming about it and then running to the windows in the morning to see if it happened. I reminded Buby and Bleu of the same possibility today as we sat in the sun munching on cheese and fruit and they just laughed. "Yeah right, Mom." To them summer has begun :-)

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Grandma DJ said...

Great spring day fun!! Love you forever