19 February 2012

Speaking of Bandannas

Our six-year-old has longish hair that doesn't always tuck nicely behind the ears. He doesn't want it cut, and we decided that's fine for now. Like father like son. But it drives me crazy when I can't see those beautiful blues! Once he walked out of school with his stripey winter scarf tied around his head like a pirate, and another time he snagged his little sister's black stretch band. He didn't take it off for two days :-)

So. I've been searching for really awesome BOY barrettes or wraps {constellations, treasure maps, pinstripe, hounds tooth}. Traditional bandannas we have, but they are difficult for children to tie and don't provide a soft/snug fit. We haven't seen anything--even on Etsy--until a friend suggested this little hippie shop near her house. We visited two days ago, and Buby was over the moon to find dozens of wraps like the one above for $9. It's great when he's playing tennis or tag and just needs his hair pulled back.

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Grandma DJ said...

Looks cool Buby!! Love those big blue eyes!! Love you forever