18 February 2012


This afternoon my boys experienced the Motorcyclepedia Museum for the first time. It's 85,000 square feet of museum space in a former warehouse along the Hudson River. The privately owned gallery houses more than 400 motorcycles built between 1897 and now. It has been dubbed "nirvana for motorcyclists" and heralded the best museum of its kind in the Northeast.

Buby even sneaked a peek at the famous Wall of Death, a barrel-like track designed for the most insane daredevils. We didn't know it existed until last week when Buby's friend's father mentioned it to us at a birthday party.
Needless to say the boys were in heaven! I made My Sweets promise to bring me there on a date, since it's not an appropriate venue for the two youngest. Here's the link to a New York Times article for my dad.

P.S. Apparently Buby kept standing in front of the displays asking My Sweets to take his picture with the phone. Very serious in his puffy coat, bandanna and magician's hat.

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Grandma DJ said...

Amazing!! Love the cute model in the magician's hat!! Love you forever