15 January 2012

Happy Weekend

Buby and Bleu sorting through a mountain of stuffed animals this weekend.

Now that our house is healthy--and I'm feeling myself again, I'm psyched to leap into 2012.

I didn't make any official resolutions {never do!}, but I love assigning a personal theme to each year and crossing items off my weekly and monthly to-do lists. The theme for this year is SPACE. I feel like we've outgrown our space, and I need to figure out more and better ways to manage it. I am waaaay behind after spending the first half of January battling a super virus and total exhaustion.

The good news is that I've scheduled a donation truck to come here on February 1. That's phase 1. The next two weeks should be productive. And messy. And
really good for the soul. I have such an urge to live with less. I'll let you know how it goes.

P.S. My theme for 2011 was SIMPLIFY, and I accomplished that in a huge way.

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