09 January 2012

Bits + Pieces {end of year}

Some random, never-posted photos from the end of 2011.

Bleu ate a lot of soup. Tomato basil is her favorite.

I turned 35 on Dec 21. The day was perfect, but I'm still having a little trouble with the number.

My girl sent brown balloons into the sky for her brother's first birthday.

The wee ones turned the living-room-off-the-playroom into a massive fort.

Bleu went to "Daddy's New York City" for a whole work day.

She charmed the office, rode a carousel, adopted an American Girl and named her Jo Jo Murphy.

We colored. A lot.

My Oliver Henri has changed sooo much. I must give him a proper post. He's a real toddler now.

Buby built a long house for school with items collected from nature.

We obsessed over foosball {with My Sweets, Grandma DJ, Tom G, Buby, Parker, Spencer} in my parents' basement.

Buby's version of an Ickey Shuffle. We are still working on the art of gracious winning.

Bleu loved everything about rolling pool balls across the table in Grandma and Grandpa's basement.

Buby and Bleu filled their bead jars with good deeds.

I ate and drank chocolate. I can banish all other sweets, but chocolate keeps me alive.

Bear learned to stand on, walk on, and stay off the playroom shelves.

We decorated a tree for Thanksgiving.

We made and received fun turkey art.

We cooked a very basic turkey day spread for the 7 of us. We missed my mom's pies though!

I got into hot apple cider.

We took down Thanksgiving and put up Christmas. Here's the little tree.

We rearranged furniture in the lower living room to block Ollie from the big tree.

We roasted marshmallows and sat by the fire after the children fell asleep.

We made lists and learned to write our letters.

Buby's teacher made a single felt slip-on, and he was the only kid who fit into it.
It was a bit of a Cinderella moment for him, and he got to bring the slipper home.

Buby made this dream catcher in class. It's super cool and hangs in the playroom.

Bleu had a few fussdowns over getting dressed, but nothing we couldn't ride out.

We collected book bags and school supplies for kids in Guatemala. Dedicated post coming!

Buby and Bleu raked leaves on pavement and built a teepee with neighbor Allison.

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