05 January 2012

Boy Dreams Winter

A teeny ice skater figurine I gifted Buby for Christmas.

My oldest boy lives for winter. Snowflakes. Snowballs. Snowmen. Snow angels. Sledding. Skiing. Skating. Cocoa. Cider. Boots. Layers. Handmade hats. Gloves. Scarves. Drying by the fire. He loves it all. Snug and cozy is his season.

The fact that it hasn't snowed in our part of NY -- not even a flake -- since the huge October 30 storm is pretty much killing him. What a teaser! Every night before bed Buby turns his pajamas inside out and backwards because his teacher once told him that if the whole class did this -- and put a spoon in their freezer -- that it would snow. If you promise Buby snow, he will do anything. His little sister even went along with it for about week. He's the dreamer; she's the realist.

It was so friggin' cold here earlier this week that we were sure it would snow. But this morning brought sunshine and unseasonably warm temps in the '50s. So I must ask. If it is already winter where you live, would you please send some our way? For the Bubs? Thx.

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