07 January 2012

13 Days + Counting

Ollie decorating our January tree on Tuesday morning.

It's been a rough start to 2012. I've been battling cold viruses for the last 13 days. My baby and I are in the trenches trying to dig our way out. He's {finally!} fever free and beginning to look like his former self. Today is day 6 on amoxicillin for his ear infection.

My flu-like aches and chills have subsided, and the migraines come and go. Ollie and I both have a cough, congestion, and runny nose. This morning I'm pretty sure I woke up with conjunctivitis. Score! Why is it always on a weekend we need a doctor?

The other day my friend commented on how healthy my children are... how rarely we get sick. But when our house gets it, we get it B-A-D. My Sweets thinks he's two days behind me in the stages of sick. Thank goodness Buby and Bleu are healthy. They paid their dues over a week ago and are back in full force. We are trusting them to hold up the fort! Now if only they could get to the market, unpack our bags and clean the house.

P.S. Happy 13th birthday to my awesome nephew Spencer! I cannot believe he is officially a teen.

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