13 December 2011

ThanksMas at Sara + Daymien's

Bleu was on a coloring frenzy.

An eclectic mix of old paintings that Sara's parents brought up from the South. A few she painted herself!

Sara dishing up a storm while the men fried a turkey outside.

10 silly place settings from one tiny bag of randomness.

A moss hunt for this project due the next day.

I never got around to posting these blurry iPhone shots from Sara + Daymien's ThanksMas gathering two weeks ago. Our city friends had us out to their sprawling country house for an afternoon of coloring, cooking, rock collecting and nature hunts.

Sara's really sweet parents were visiting from Florida, and it was fun to see Bleu latch onto Mama Lyle for the day. She doesn't normally warm up to people so fast. The highlight of the day for the children was when Sara let them choose rocks from her "sentimental places" collection.
Oh, and notice all the framed artwork along the staircase railing? It's called emergency baby proofing.

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Grandma DJ said...

Nice you and Sara have stayed close .. She is a sweetie!! Kids can't have enough love!! Sounds like a wonderful day!! Love you forever