02 December 2011

Just Because...

I sure love My Sweets. In fact, he's the best man I've ever met. The best friend. The best father. The best.... of the best.

I love that he spent a whole morning stringing lights--it's one of his least fave things to do--because the rest of us adore twinkle lights. I love that he went out for an errand and surprised the children with a snowman bearing balloons. I love that he is warm and funny and charming and quiet. I love that he gets us, challenges us, supports us. I love that he moves Luca before bed if I forget.

I love that I can't wait for him to walk through the door! I love that his handsomeness makes my heart pound from 100 yards away.
I love that he will run a bubble bath and bring me champagne. I love that he makes me laugh out loud... after 19 years. I love that we can sit by the outdoor fire pit after dark {just us} and not say a word. Simply be. I love that I can tell him anything. A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. I love that he's my #1 fan. And I his.

I love that he plays guitar, nurtures our sons and dances with our daughter. I love that when I had a less-than-awesome week here he came home with my guiltiest pleasure {fried dumplings}. And as we sat down to eat them together he slipped me an envelope from my favorite spa. Inside was a note saying he'd booked me a treatment for Friday at 2:15.
"Just because."

Yup, he's a keeper. I would have been elated with a plain old shower {one where I didn't have to keep the door open and watch after my crew at the same time}. The facial was such a treat though! I almost fell asleep. And when I returned home two hours later there were three beautiful children running about and a wrapped box of chocolates from our village chocolatier on the counter. Happy weekend!

P.S. 'Tis the season for winter fireworks, festivals and tree lightings. Plus, Buby has a longhouse to build from scratch before Monday for his Native American Homes Project, and we are headed to a friend's country house on Sunday to celebrate ThanksMas. Excited!

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Grandma DJ said...

Life is a blessing .. Love you forever