02 November 2011

Gaming Costumes

Our six year old sort of dictated the gaming theme this year. I showed him the Costume Kingdom website for ideas, and immediately he chose this Match-It-Up/memory costume {not shown}. It's one of his fave card games, and he loved the fact that it is an actual working board with Velcro cards that he and his mates could play. Very Buby.

Bleu was free to choose whatever, but after many minutes of scrolling declared her love for this Twister ensemble. I ordered both and decided to make Bear an Uno wild card... since he just turned 1 and is a bit of a wild card himself. As luck would have it a customer service rep called me a few days later to let me know Bleu's choice was no longer avail.

I'm not that crafty and can't sew even a little, but I had a free hour on Saturday {since my mom was here to entertain Bear}, and I cranked out two very basic costumes in that time.
For Bear I fabric-painted a plain white sweatshirt and paired it with black sweatpants. Et voila! It was so dark the other night I will try to snap a pic of the kids in costume tonight.

For Bleu's I used a cardboard box that Wal-Mart had thrown outside to recycle, white acrylic paint, glittery adhesive-back paper from Michael's {I just traced and cut circles out of it}, yellow paint, and a polka ribbon and stickers I already had in my craft bin. My spinner was supposed to be attached to a headband or bracelet, but she wanted to carry it in her bag instead. I bought her a cozy white sweatshirt and red sweatpants.

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