28 November 2011

Christmas Tradition #1: The Tree

We didn't buy anything on 'Black Friday' except for a Balsam Fir and some crazy-good roadside BBQ in the middle of nowhere. {I love not shopping when everyone else is. I avoid the stores at all cost. Being outdoors with my lovelies was much more fun!}

New York was blessed with warmth and sunshine over the Thanksgiving holiday, so we took it and ran. My parents came to town for three fun-filled days, and as it's tradition to saw down a tree together once a year ~ either theirs or ours ~ I chose a new-to-us farm that was opening for the season on Friday morning. {Thanks to our friend Ron for the recommendation.} It's an hour from our house and offers 9 varieties for u-cut. Hip hip!

The end goal was a Concolor Fir, a whimsical variety My Sweets and I fell for several years back. When we started meandering through the aisles Buby decided he wanted a Balsam instead. Or a Douglas. Or Spruce. Anything BUT a Concolor. Apparently he doesn't fancy bluish tones on trees, even though it's his "bestest" color any other time of year. Buby is a purest in all things Christmas.

I've never been one to get in and get out at apple orchards, pumpkin patches or tree farms. I do not like to rush the magic of the hunt, nor do I like to slow the energy and momentum with a lot of posing. My Buby and I are so similar in that way.

Unfortunately he set his tender little heart on one tree that was impossibly too big and tall for our place. That seriously bummed him out, so we all scurried in search of suitable alternatives. "Look, Buby! Over here!" and "Close your eyes. I think you are going to love this one!" We would have never gone with a tree he didn't really like. Buby lives for this.

Bear was happy in the Ergo and happy to explore.

We have a winner! All the littles were in agreement.

By the way, this guy loves his Grandma.

Loves, loves, loves her.

We use the same wooden saw every year and carve in the date. It will make a wonderful keepsake someday. Buby went first and then Bleu.

Five years ago my mom bought this sweater for Buby. Oh how time flies.

Bleu was having a blast! She was all about the measuring tape.

Some hard labor is good for the soul.

This shot makes me smile for some reason. Too out of focus for a Christmas card?

Once again, a family shot never occurred to me. Even with two grandparents at my disposal, I never thought to jump in.

Isn't it funny that last year Bleu missed out on the whole Christmas tree experience--twice--because it was freezing outside and she wouldn't wear a sweater or shoes? And I mean, we couldn't physically get her into them. This year it was warm and she's bundled.

The baling process sort of amazed Buby, watching it beside my dad.

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Grandma DJ said...

I miss home and family .. Looks like such a perfect outing!!
Love you forever