26 September 2011

Photo Greeting from Africa

I miss him.
I'm proud of him.
I'm anxious for him.
I really really want to hear his voice.

My Sweets and I have been checking in with each other via quick emails here and there. Random updates and love yous. Last night he sent me these three photos from Ghana.

A few things I know: He's eaten warthog and fried lamb livers. He's been offered very bad shots {and other bad things}. He was treated to some incredible authentic cuisine but suffered a migraine. He goes nonstop all day. He texted me tonight that his hotel Wifi is down, and he entered his room to find "broken pipe to toilet. All flooded." I told him to request a new room. He said "too tired to move."

Ahh. Poor guy. An adventure for sure. I bet he's learning a tremendous amount in a short time. I cannot wait to talk to him for real about what's beautiful and heart breaking, surprising and encouraging over there. I miss him here at night.

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Grandma DJ said...

It's an awakening at what is out there .. Good and bad .. Lots of love and prayers have gone with him and stayed behind with his loved ones .. Less than 48hours to go!! Love you forever