06 September 2011

First Day of School

It was still dark out this morning when Buby sprung from his bed and appeared at the side of mine. He waved his hand in my face and whispered,
"I'm just so excited!" I whispered back, "I know... I know... I'm excited for you!"

Then he climbed over me, over Ollie {who joined us in bed sometime after 2:30}, and finally landed in a cozy nook at My Sweets' feet to wait out the 7:00 alarm. After a few minutes he grew impatient and went back to his room to ready for school. Buby has been a morning person for as long as I can remember. He wakes up eager to unwrap each day. Bleu, on the other hand, likes to rise on her own terms and loathes the one who flings up her room-darkening shades. If given the chance she'd easily sleep until 8:30 0r 9.

The big kids dressed and brushed and ran down for breakfast without any drama. Bleu wavered for a while on which outfit to wear, but in the end chose her fave new Lands' End frock... the one she begged to wear out of the store. By the way, I've learned to stay out of any back-and-forth Bleu has with herself about clothes. I only stock her wardrobe with pre-approved items, and from there she has free reign. If she comes out of her bedroom dressed
in anything I'm happy.

I made Buby and Bleu's usual breakfast and my signature back-to-school smoothie for all of us {bowl of blueberries, 3 bananas, 1 fuzzy peach, low-fat plain organic yogurt, and a hint of Trop 50 pineapple-mango juice}. SWEET! And off we went.

We walked the kids to the front door, gave hugs and continued on. As soon as they were in the building I started to cry. I cried all the way to the coffee shop. But the good news is... the littles didn't cry and didn't see me cry. So the morning was a success in my book. Tom went to work and I went home with the babes.

At pickup Bleu was the first one down the stairs. She looked shy yet quietly confident and happy to see me. We waited outside for her friend Ella and ended up comparing notes at the corner cafe. Bleu's roses from the day were sharing a song with one teacher and a book with another. At home I put on a dance mix and flung her upside down with my legs, and the details of her morning finally came pouring out.

Later we went back for Buby and asked about his first day of 1st grade. He responded cheerfully, "Great! Awesome!!"

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Grandma DJ said...

Buby looks so grown up! They both look so cute .. Love the pic by school stairs .. Enjoy mom and babe time!! Love you forever