14 September 2011

Buby, Age 6

obsesses over good books and good food is the friendliest person you'll ever meet plays tennis and mini golf cherishes one-on-one dates with mommy and daddy designs incredible things on paper and builds them from scratch likes to draw and make necklaces for his friends believes in so many things collects sticks and rocks for his nature table rarely asks for anything is super appreciative of everything says "awesome" a lot lately

has a beautiful mind invites brand new acquaintances over for play dates and sleepovers makes friends easily is always loyal dreams about his birthday months in advance shows empathy and compassion likes to share a bedroom asks really smart questions plans to see the world but doesn't ever want us sell this old green house in the country adores extended family uses his teacher's ipad in class and now wants his own is curious about superheros and sentimental about his life... to a fault

dreams up the best would-be super powers wishes it was the weekend so he could watch a movie... or the cooking channel with his dad goes with the flow most of the time rarely ever requires a talking-to takes younger children under his wing, crazy dances to Cotton Eye Joe on repeat, looks forward to the return of snow all year long

wakes up full of sunshine is an optimist recently mastered the art of tying shoe only eats pizza with olives makes his baby brother laugh out loud is confident but cautious and not a fan of heights wears custom braces for extreme flat feet and aches after long walks loves school work but not home work sleeps well wants to help prepare meals will not eat lima beans performs science experiments in his free time enjoys treasure hunts and egg hunts has big plans to be an archaeologist or illustrator or both answers to buby

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Grandma DJ said...

One of God's greatest gifts to us!! Love you forever