15 September 2011

Buby's Week in Review

I took this photo of Buby last night while I was cooking dinner. He broke from his spelling homework to answer a call from cousins Sid and Lil. It was the day after his birthday, yet he was still experiencing a steady stream of celebration. It got me to thinking...

How cool to be a kid and to walk outside and find surprise boxes with your name on them. And a card from a Great Aunt Mary with a crisp $2 bill in it {thank you!}. And cousins and grandfathers on the other end of the line singing to you from hundreds of miles away. And three more cousins face-timing on iPhones before bed. My whole family lived local when I was a kid, so I have no idea. Buby and Bleu have never lived near family, so this is their normal around birthdays.

Speaking of birthdays, I'm pretty sure Buby would say he's had the raddest week ever. And there's still more to come. On Tuesday he brought my whole wheat-applesauce muffins into school with an assortment of grapes and berries to share. His main teacher gave him a charming scratch and sniff sticker {remember those?}, and he stuck it to his chest like a badge of honor. His classically trained music teacher sang him a birthday tune. I took him to his favorite nice restaurant, where he was surprised to see his daddy {home early!} and his very fun Uncle Mark. We came home and had a dance party, opened gifts, and devoured a fine selection of mini cupcakes from Crumbs.

Yesterday I stopped at the school to pick up Bleu and surprised Buby with one of my signature smoothies, made just moments before. I love that we live close enough to do that. Later I bumped into him at the park with his class {I was there picnicking with Bleu and her friends}, and he looked to be floating on cloud 9. He likes his new guy friends.

Today Buby was greeted with extra-thoughtful somethings from friends Ella, Gillian and Natty who are unable to attend his little Red Balloon-themed fete on Saturday. After school we darted off to our first tennis lesson in a while. He was tickled. Tomorrow Grandma DJ is coming, and he doesn't know it yet. That surprise will blow his mind.

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Grandma DJ said...

Happy to have time with buby and gang!! Love you forever