02 December 2009

In the Nick of Time

We helped Grandma + Grandpa cut down their tree last Saturday, but we still needed to find our own. The plan was to stop at a tree farm we know and love near home on our way back from Thanksgiving travels.

My Sweets made excellent time. I think it was 5 hours and some change, and we pulled into the tree farm about 10 minutes shy of closing. Jazzy {the dog} waited in the car while we shot over to the fields with our saw. Buby insisted on carrying it, of course. That kid is pretty picky, but he knows what he wants when he sees it. He's definitive and doesn't waiver. It didn't take long at all to find a Douglas Fir both wee ones could agree on.

Talk about unloading. Once we pulled in front of the house, we unloaded kids, animals, luggage, winter gear, electric guitar amps from my dad, and a tree. A great big tree that we set up and lit right after chowing down on a complete dinner courtesy of my mom. I warmed up her leftover turkey a la king, poured it over whole wheat fettuccine, and served up her frozen applesauce and apple-raspberry and cherry pies for dessert. Yum.


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Anonymous said...

4 hours and change!