02 December 2009

Five Minutes Later

The tree fell on top of me. In 33 years I've never had a fully bedazzled tree fall on top of me whilst crouching down to pick up needles. Ornaments smashed to the floor. Jazzy darted off. I immediately asked the kids to please climb up on the couch. After a split-sec survey of the situation, I started laughing. I couldn't help it. I had a tree on my back. A heavy one. Buby looked at me, paused, and then started crying. His signature fake cry. He didn't like that I was laughing in the midst of such tragedy. He spied the few random pieces that had cracked and claimed they were his "very very favorite ornaments!" I assure you they were not, but he made me promise I would tape them up.

This reminds me of a few weeks ago when the three of us were dancing to Swift's "You Belong With Me" after dinner when Bleu {from my hip} reached out and grabbed the mirror that hangs on the wall between the kitchen and family rooms. It crashed to the floor. The sound was startling. I lifted the little ones onto the couch and assured them it was "totally okay. Just stay put for a minute." I didn't care about the mirror. I mean, I liked it, but it was no biggie. Just something from a store. I proceeded to vacuum up the bits. Buby thought about it and then started crying. He claimed it was his "very very favorite mirror!" I assure you it was not, but he desperately wanted to feel sad over the loss of it. And he wanted the rest of us to as well. He's sensitive like that.


Grandma DJ said...

great job on the tree!! was this pic before or after the fall!! you are too funny!! love you forever

Jenny said...

Before. It was only half decorated here. Didn't fall until it was all done :(