11 November 2009

Love Story

It all began in the car one day. Taylor's "Love Story" played on the radio, and the kids instantly zipped it in an effort to hang on her every beat. It was love at first listen. Once we got home Buby asked me to play that "Jasmine Swift" song again. I don't know why he called her that, but he did. After dinner I pulled it up on You Tube, and the kids were NEVER. THE. SAME. AGAIN.

I remember hitting play on the laptop, maxing out the volume {sorry, Tom}, and running into the living room to dance with my babes. It was everything awesome. Months later we are still in the honeymoon phase. The romance lives on, thanks to a mixed CD My Sweets downloaded for us. Literally... morning, noon, and night the three of us make time to rock out with Taylor.

I'm not sure what it is about her, but Buby and Bleu are seriously smitten. Me, too. I like that she's her own artist. Part teen pop star. Part country crooner. Part sultry songstress. Part indie rocker chick. I read the Glamour magazine cover story recently and was quite impressed.

Enough that I was so tempted to buy 4 tickets to a NY area show in May, but I found out it's in a big coliseum. Too rock concerty for the little ones. Next time she's outdoors ~ at a Bethel Woods type location ~ we're there.

Here is Buby + Bleu's Top 10 Taylor, in very strict order.

  1. You Belong With Me (Fearless Platinum)
  2. Love Story (Fearless Platinum)
  3. Teardrops On My Guitar (Taylor Swift)
  4. Should've Said No (Taylor Swift)
  5. White Horse (Fearless Platinum)
  6. Fifteen (Fearless Platinum)
  7. Tim McGraw (Taylor Swift)
  8. Our Song (Taylor Swift)
  9. Tell Me Why (Fearless Platinum)
  10. Change (Taylor Swift)

P.S. The You Belong With Me video reminds me of Tom and I once upon a time.

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Barefoot Princess & Family said...

We are going on a good year if not more of an infatuation with Taylor in this house. Buby and Bleu can come anytime and rock with BB and BP to Taylor. I think she is a great role model for them (so far) too! The country music award show is on this week and I am sure she will win something. I will let you know when she returns to Bethel Woods. That was one of BP's fav moments...seeing her up close in her sparkly blue dress.