11 November 2009

A Cherry on Top

Friendly's on 11.7.09.

Saturday was a full day. This is what filled our day.

  • A reluctance to wake up.
  • A big breakfast with smoothies.
  • A dance party for Daddy.
  • A game of hide-and-seek.
  • A long shower.
  • A massive block fort.
  • A pile of Seuss.
  • A puzzle or two.
  • A clean bathroom.
  • A lunch off the grill.
  • A boys trip to Harley.
  • A successful coat mission.
  • A family board game.
  • A ticket for one free cone.
  • A tight squeeze.
  • A box of crayons.
  • A side of broccoli.
  • A magical straw.
  • A pair of 3D spectacles.
  • A flirty Bleu.
  • A happy Buby.
  • A cherry on top.

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