16 October 2009

This Week

  • We welcomed Fall and Winter all at once.
  • We added more hand painted ornaments to our Halloween tree.
  • Buby + Bleu collaborated nicely on several building block monstrosities.
  • My Sweets went to the worst football game in the history of the NFL.
  • Grandma DJ and Tom G. drove up Monday and watched the kids on Tuesday.

  • I was reminded of how much I love Buby's school. It's the right fit.
  • My Sweets + I went on a date. To the supermarket. Yup. It was so awesome.
  • I brought down the hats, gloves and scarves.
  • I began my obsession with Immaculate Baking Company.
  • I made really good roasted whole chicken and spinach salads.

  • We admired the vibrant mums on all the village porches.
  • Grandma DJ made apple and pear sauce... with no added sugar or honey.
  • My Sweets whipped up his world famous guacamole, twice.
  • Buby woke up in the middle of the night, every night. He never does that.
  • Bleu woke up in the middle of the night, every night. She always does that.

  • My friend Allison left 3 issues of People on my windshield at school.
  • I craved soup for the first time in a long time.
  • I whispered "I love you" in the dark. My Sweets heard me in his sleep.
  • Buby made me promise to read "135,000 books" to him tomorrow morning.
  • Buby ran out of the bathroom with tissue trailing from his bare bum. He said, "Look at me, Mama... I made a Tigger tail!"

  • We oohed and aahed at the first snowfall of the season.
  • Buby laughed as Bleu threw her dinner on the floor. I corrected Bleu and then turned to Buby and asked, "Please don't laugh. It's not funny." He replied, "But I can't help it. I have to laugh when my brain tells me to laugh, Mama." That's when my brain told ME to laugh.
  • Bleu showed off her balance and stamina at The Little Gym.
  • We nature hiked, collected leaves, and stole rocks.
  • Bleu grew 8 teeth. So far.

  • I baked 24 cookies at 11 p.m. Just for me.
  • We said goodbye ~ again ~ to Grandma DJ and Tom G.
  • Buby turned to Bleu in the car on Wednesday, reached his hand out for hers, and sweetly asked, "Do you miss Grandma, Nola? Do you? Because I do."
  • Bleu picked every kernel of corn out of her mixed veggies and left the rest.
  • Buby shouted across the YMCA pool, "Hi Mama! Hi Nola! Look at me guys!"

  • I thought how sad I'll be when he no longer calls me "Mama."
  • Bleu wore her first pair of jeans. And wore them well.
  • I bought 6 new Scholastic titles at the book fair.
  • We returned 6 library books, held onto 2, and checked out 3 more.
  • The kids accidentally discovered Taylor Swift. And now they are IN LOVE.

  • I danced every T.S. song with my babies. Over and over and over.
  • I cleaned the house. More to organize.
  • I snuck a whole bag of candy corn and totally regretted it.
  • I started Buby + Bleu's Halloween baskets {for which they'll gladly trade in their trick-or-treat bags on the 31st.}
  • I helped a friend prep for her Blue Lily shoot next week.

  • I dropped off an apple pie for a neighbor whose mother passed away.
  • I washed, jarred and labeled our sea shells from FL and Cape Cod.
  • I braved the attic to find Buby's 12-month boy bin for nephew Mason.
  • I mourned another magazine. Cookie folded on Monday, joining Domino, Wondertime, Blueprint, House + Garden, Budget Living, CL Gardener, Mademoiselle, and dozens of others I've loved and lost over the years.
  • I watched an entire movie with My Sweets after hours. Uninterrupted.

  • I sold 5 raffle tickets for Buby's school fundraiser. 20 more to go.
  • I talked to my mom every day, even if only for a minute.
  • I heard many new real words in Bleu's mumbling.
  • I used a million and one ways to show my lovelies that I love them.
  • I hugged My Sweets like there is no tomorrow. Because you never know.


Mama Jordan MacKeigan said...

Beautiful list my friend!!! Get a picture of the Halloween Tree, I love to see every season of Buby and Bleu's tree!!!

Grandma DJ said...

great memories!! i miss you too buby and bleu .. mommy and daddy too!! love you forever