19 October 2009

After-School Special

Notice the cookie in Buby's mouth. Priceless.

I broke a big rule for me on Friday evening and let Buby pop in Disney's "Snow Buddies" before we got down to Homemade Pizza Night. It was obvious to me that he had had an especially long day at school and was too exhausted for our usual repertoire of games, dancing and chit chat. The boy just needed to chill for an hour. I told him he could watch half the movie Friday and the other half on Saturday or Sunday.

Then I darted downstairs to break yet another of my rules. The one about giving sweet snacks on school days, since I know he gets a serving of juice ~ and whatever else ~ during classroom snack. I grabbed one of the mini chocolate chunk cookies I baked at 11 o' clock the night before. {Buby had no idea they were in the house.} I ran back to the playroom and tossed it to my little dude. He looked down, flabbergasted at my gesture, and exclaimed, "Thanks! But Mama... chocolate chip cookies aren't healthy for kids."

I reminded him about moderation and noted that these cookies weren't so bad, as cookies go. {Between us, My Sweets + I are obsessing over those ready-to-bake dough packs from Immaculate Baking Company. They ROCK the late-night craving category.} The mini cookies are made with organic dough, no preservatives, no artificial anything, and pretty low sugar. Plus, the company is philanthropic, which I like.

Anyway, it worked to get Buby out of his end-of-week funk. All it took was one talking dogsled team and a leftover cookie and he was happy as a clammer the rest of the night.

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