27 October 2009

Fall Carnival

Isn't this sign awesome? Grace's Daddy is a gifted artist.

The kids crafting goodie bags with My Sweets.

Buby's school puts on an annual Octoberfest and invites all current students, alumni, and their families. Each classroom and hallway is decked out for Halloween by PTO volunteers. Parents take turns working craft tables and game booths. Teachers make homemade chili. There's a bake sale and a cake walk and a huge cash raffle. {Oh, and thank you to Buby's grandparents, aunts and uncles for buying raffle tickets. You didn't win. We didn't win. But our friend Jon won.}

Downstairs there was a haunted house. My Sweets and I followed Buby and watched him go in with friends Taylor and Camilla. The kids were running and screeching and having a grand old time. Frankly, we were shocked. Haunted houses aren't exactly Buby's thing. Not even a minute later I lost sight of him in the chaos. I looked down and there he was crouching on the floor under a desk... crying out for me. It was loud, but I could hear "Mama, I'm scared!" I ran in and carried him out.

In the decorate-a-cookie room we heard Buby tell his teacher about the scary haunted house. She explained that some people like to be scared and others don't, and that's fine, too. That led into a conversation about roller coasters and spiders and friends who jump out and yell, "BOO!"


Triple the Love said...

I'm with him- no scary stuff for me!

Grandma DJ said...

looks like fun to me!! love you forever