27 October 2009

Reposted: Pumpkin Cake

I had to throw away the entire pumpkin cake, minus three slivers. It was yummy and rich and all of that, but we're not really cake people. Even fancy cake people. Now pie... that's a different story. I've never thrown away a pie.


Triple the Love said...

Yum~ the girls and I are going to make the jack-o-latern cake featured on this month's cover of family circle. Can't wait!

Jenny said...

Ooh, that sounds cool. Have fun.

This one (that Buby won during Cake Walk) was store-bought. We found a sticker on it from a local bakery. It was very good the first night when me and my boys all tried a sliver after dinner... but it never appealed to us after that. Now it's day 4 and I'm throwing out the whole fancy thing. Tom and I are much more pie, cookie, brownie people. Cakes are wasted on us. Well, except really good cheesecake. And perhaps that multi-layer oreo cookie cake you do. I've ALWAYS wanted to try that.

Barefoot Princess & Family said...

wow it is such a beautiful cake...a work of art. i bet buby was so excited to be the winner.