04 September 2009

Great/Big Week

Nappy blanket handmade by Aunt Jen. Bookbag + lunchbox by Stephen Joseph.

First day of school is 9/9/09. {Crazy to think September 9th was my due date with Buby just a few short years ago, and now he's in his final year of pre-k.} Hurray for Buby! He is psyched to see his classmates again, and we're gearing up for a busy week here at home. Some highlights:

*My Sweets returns from a 24-hour motorcycle run Upstate
*BFF Grace's Rainbow Party
*Boys attend Movie in the Park
*Labor Day parade + picnic
*School orientation {see teacher/room/friends}
*Buby's School Year's Eve feast at home {w/surprise}
*Breakfast of Champions
*Buby's first full day of school, 9-3
*Bleu's first parent/child class at The Little Gym
*Buby + Bleu start new swim session at the YMCA
*Chuck E. Cheese after swimming {as promised weeks ago}
*Buby celebrates birthday at school {provide healthy treat}
*Play/nest/party prep with wee ones
*Craft/clean/bake dinosaur cakes after kids are in bed
*PTO Back-to-School Family Picnic
*Pick up Grandma DJ at airport Friday pm {for 2-night stay}
*Annual hometown fest {think 30,000 peeps on our doorstep}
*Pancake breakfast
*Parade/soapbox derby/live music/dance
*Grandma + Grandpa M. arrive Saturday {for 2-night stay}
*BFF Lillian's Princess Party
*BBQ dinner at home with guests
*Fireworks at the park
*Buby turns 4!
*Dino-Mite Lunch with Buby's BFFs
*Close pool for season


Grandma DJ said...

so busy! make it noon on friday at the train station!! sounds like a fun weekend!! love you forever

Allison said...

Your week sounds insane. Fun, but totally insane! Please let me know if we can bring anything to the party on Sunday. Seriously, ANYthing. Key lime pie? We'll come after church, so we could always stop by the store and pick up ice or whatever else you need.