06 September 2008

Playdate Party

Happy birthday to Grace. She is one of Buby's very favorite friends, and we were honored to help her celebrate her 3rd birthday in style. The theme was sorta Danish and completely inspired by this gorgeous wooden THREE from Grace's great aunt. She snagged it in Holland, I think. Allison did an incredible job hosting, as usual. So crafty.

Grace + Gillian. Don't they look pretty in their party fashions? Lillian hadn't arrived yet. Moments later the street clothes came off as the girls dove into a massive treasure chest of princess gowns, fantastically colored tutus, and an authentic Snow White getup. I've never seen so many wardrobe changes.

Is it just me or do these two look like twins?

The always elegant birthday girl! She kept asking Buby to be her Prince Charming. And Prince Edward. And Prince Philip, whoever that is. Grace begged Buby to come over to the couch where she was pretending to sleep and kiss her. Good thing her Daddy wasn't there to see it.


The MacKeigans said...

oh, I'd love to see the snow white pictures...Nena is going to be snow white this Halloween!!!

Grandma DJ said...

Happy Birthday Grace!!