10 September 2008

Mr. V

"V" for very sweet man. Sometimes I find a heaping bag of fresh tomatoes or green peppers on my porch. Sometimes a sweet-smelling bouquet. Sometimes both. Everyone needs a dear old Mr. V next door.


lauren and billy said...

I wish we lived next door to a Mr. V. We live next to a Mrs. M..mean ol lady!

Grandma DJ said...

God bless good neighbors .. buby and bleu's daddy grew up with the best neighbors!! at the top of the list is "grandma and grandpa" b!!
Mr and Mrs V are such good neighbors in bubyland ..
love you forever

The MacKeigans said...

We have the best neighbours too!!! Both sides which is unusual, but we LOVE them and they LOVE us! They mow our lawn and shuvel our snow, they watch our dogs when we are out of town and always look out for us!! We are so blessed!