10 September 2008

A Birthday Dance

HAPPY BDAY to Buby's girl Lillian. These two have been dancing their dance for almost 2.5 years now. They met in music class when they were just lil' babes and sort of stuck together after that. They share an energy. This week they both turn 3, and I'm having fun looking back at hundreds of photos of impromptu embraces just like this one. It's so pure the L-O-V-E a small child feels for his or her first friends. It's a good thing to see... I don't remember having friends this young--regular friends who weren't related to me--but I cannot imagine Buby NOT remembering his. They mean the world to him. I only hope Bleu experiences something like it for herself. Happy birthday Lillian, and thank you for lots and lots AND lots of laughs.


Grandma DJ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILLIAN!! it has been so much fun watching the gang of you friends growing together!!

Lilypad Mom said...

Thank you so much! I love that photo too. Actually one of my favorite pictures that I have of the two of them (mostly of Buby, but L's in the background) was from the same playdate.