25 July 2008

Yep, Yup, + Nope

Whoops. My bad. And we were doing so well... It was "yes please" this and "no thank you" that until Monday when Buby started with the perpetual "yep yep yep" whenever I ask him a question. Adorable the first 1,000 times. But I'm a writer + an editor. I KNOW better. I engage Buby in nonstop chit chat and I'm so lazy with my language. Now I'm on a mission to nip the "nope" in the bud before it's gently addressed at a parent-teacher conference this Fall.


Blue House Mom said...

I had to laugh at this one. I'm sure you'll break him of the habit very soon.

Lilypad Mom said...

I had to laugh too, I could just imagine Buby's little voice telling you nope to something. Good luck breaking him of the habit!