04 December 2007

Twinkle Twinkle

Buby's Daddy never disappoints. He is quite the hero. Even in 14 degrees with a nasty windchill, he insisted on getting our lights up ON December 1st {a tradition in our tiny village}. We were hoping... before the snow came. And that night, it did. Lighting the house has special meaning for My Sweets. 2005 was our first Christmas out of the big city and our first Christmas with Buby. That's when I learned this man I've known half of my life has never had holiday lights. I guess growing up he always wanted his house lit up, but it never was. So our first year in a house he was like a kid in a candy store... kinda crazy {in a pretty way} with all the colors and spotlights and decor. Every year, he can't wait to bring Buby out for the big reveal.

Daddy's lights cover fences on both sides of the house.

Buby's sign out front.


Lily Pad Mom said...

Your house is perfect for outdoor decorations. Your porch looks wonderful all lit up like that.

Blue House Mom said...

Gorgeous. The second photo is so cool. I love the midnight blue sky and lighting. Agree with LPM...your porch looks wonderful.

Sykes said...

House done right. Santa's sure to stop now! I love that I can see you and your camera in the big ornament balls.

Grandma DJ said...

beautiful!! i love it .. way to go daddy!!! love you forever